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In order to place an order with Green Valley Floral, the Customer Application must be completed and returned to us via Fax or email. Applicants will be notified of their application status by their sales representative.

Fax: 831-424-4473
Phone: 800-228-1255
Email: sales@greenvalleyfloral.com

Placing an order:
Customers can place orders with Green Valley Floral once they have been notified that their Customer Application has been approved. Orders can be placed directly with a sales representative via phone, email or SKYPE IM.

Shipping Information:

  • Armellini Express Lines                            
  • Prime Floral, LLC
  • Florida Beauty
  • Jessup
  • West Coast Refrigerated Trucking
  • All Major Airlines
  • Federal Express
  • Ontrac (in the Western US only)

Packaging Information:
Dry and wet packaging is available for most products.

Flower Variety Brochures:
Garden Roses
Garden Sprays & Spray Roses
Gerberas & Gerrondos
Oriental Lilies (available soon)

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